Applied Stress Management


What is job stress:

It is the sum of the imbalances between the work demanded of the person and the resources that the person can use to cope with these demands (ILO, 2016).

What is Applied Stress Management Training:

Applied stress management training is a practical training that aims to define the effect of stress in our daily life, working life and relationships and to gain skills that will help manage the negative effects of stress.


According to Gallup data (2022);

  • 60% of employees are emotionally disconnected at work due to stress,
  • 19% said they consistently felt "terrible or miserable".

According to Colonial Life data (2019);

  • 41% of employees said that stress made them less productive, 33% said it made them less engaged, and 15% said they looked for a new job due to stress.

According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) data (2019);

  • The most common causes of workplace stress are workload (44%), lack of support (14%) and changes at work (8%).
  • In addition, 12.8 million working days are lost annually due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety.


In this training, the definition of stress, its psychological aspects and factors affecting its formation, the relationship between stress and performance, discovering sources of stress and the effects of stress are discussed. In addition, stress management skills, strategies for coping with potential stress, case studies and applications are also discussed, and it is aimed that employees gain the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with stress in their daily lives. Training helps employees improve their quality of life by giving them a new perspective on coping with stress. It can also be given face-to-face or online.

Program Content:
  • Definition of Stress
  • Psychological Aspect of Stress
  • Factors Affecting Stress Formation
  • Relationship between Stress and Performance
  • Discovering Sources of Stress
  • Effects of Stress
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Strategies for Coping with Potential Stress
  • Case Study and Practices
  • Evaluation and Closing


Your employees can understand stress better and learn the application steps in stress management and manage the factors that cause stress in a healthy way; Contact us for more successful and happier employees by increasing performance, motivation, efficiency and productivity.

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