The Effect of Psychological Factors on Work Accidents


What is Work Accident:

While the World Health Organization (WHO) defines an occupational accident as “an unplanned event that often causes personal injury and production stoppage for a while”, the International Labor Organization (ILO) defines it as “an unexpected and unplanned event that causes a certain damage or injury”. event”.

What is Training on the Effect of Psychological Factors on Work Accidents:


The training on the effect of psychological factors in occupational accidents is a training that emphasizes the importance of psychological health and safety in the workplace in order to prevent occupational accidents. In this training, the causes of occupational accidents and the role of psychological factors are discussed.


According to ILO data (2019);

  • There were 160 occupational accidents in every 15 seconds and 38,400 in every hour.
  • Every day, 1,000 people died due to work accidents and 6,500 people died due to occupational diseases.
  • Annually, 350,000 people lost their lives due to occupational accidents and 2 million due to occupational diseases.

Eurostat verilerine göre(2022);

  • Turkey ranks first among the countries where the highest number of people lost their lives in occupational accidents.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Council data (2022);

  • In Turkey, in 2022, at least 5 people died every day due to work accidents.

According to research, 80% of occupational accidents are caused by people, 18% by physical and mechanical environmental conditions and 2% by unexpected events. These results reveal that preventive measures can be taken on approximately 98% of occupational accidents.


In the training, subjects such as psychosocial risk factors affecting occupational accidents, psychological health and safety concepts, and methods of coping with stress are discussed. Solution suggestions are offered on issues such as stress factors in the workplace and their management, protecting the psychological health of employees and creating a culture of occupational safety. In addition, it is aimed to concretize the subjects with case studies and applications. Training can be delivered face-to-face and online. It offers an important opportunity to ensure that employees are in a healthy, safe and happy working environment at workplaces.

Program Content:
  • Work Accidents and Workplace Safety
  • Psychosocial Factors Affecting Work Accidents
  • What is Psychological Health?
  • What is Psychological Security?
  • Stress Related factors
  • Solution offers
  • Case Study and Practices
  • Evaluation and Closing


To understand the effects of psychological factors in workplace accidents, to develop strategies to prevent these factors, to take preventive measures to ensure safety at workplaces, Contact us to develop knowledge and skills about workplace safety and to ensure that employees are in a healthier, safer and happier working environment.

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