Psychological First Aid Training


What is Psychological First Aid:

Psychological first aid is a quick and effective response in emergencies to meet people's emotional, behavioral and cognitive needs. This intervention is done in case of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and other psychological reactions after stressful events where the person is likely to harm themselves or others. Psychological first aid is designed for emergency situations and is not a treatment for more serious psychological problems.

What is Psychological First Aid Training:


Psychological first aid training is a training that enables people who are not experts in psychology or medicine to learn how to help themselves and others by using the right communication skills when faced with urgent or psychologically challenging life events.


According to the data of the World Health Organization (2021);

  • More than 700,000 people die each year due to suicide.

According to Gallup Global Workplace Report data (2022);

  • Employee stress levels rose from 38% in 2019 to 43% in 2020.

According to Zippia research data (2023);

  • 83% of employees experience work-related stress and 25% say their job is the number one source of stress in their lives.


In this training, topics such as understanding the effects of crises and emergencies on people, and not turning psychological contracts and communication skills into crises are emphasized. This training includes basic skills such as communication skills that we will use when applying psychological first aid, as well as personal care and assistance skills. In the training, which is carried out with the applied learning method, the participants reinforce their skills through group work and role plays. At the end of the training, an assessment is made where the participants can help people by using their psychological first aid skills. This training is open to everyone, especially health professionals, emergency workers, teachers, psychologists, and can be applied face-to-face or online.

Program Content:
  • Understanding Psychological First Aid
  • Crises and Human Impact
  • Ordinary Responses to Emergencies
  • What is Psychological First Aid?
  • Helping Others and Self Help
  • Personal care
  • Communication Skills We Will Use While Applying Psychological First Aid
  • Three Steps: Watch-Listen-Connect
  • Applications (Group Work and Role Play)
  • Evaluation and Closing


Understanding how your employees respond to stress in emergencies and crises, Contact us to distinguish the symptoms of trauma from the usual stress reactions, to learn the correct language and behavior practices in emergencies, to understand the psychological first aid process and to benefit from it.

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