The Story of NHUMAN


NHUMAN was founded in 2018 by Founder/Organizational Psychologist Nevin Küçük to conduct methodological studies for the development of Psychological Health and Safety standards.


"With the right approach, psychosocial risks and work-related stress can be prevented and successfully managed, regardless of the size or type of work."
Nevin Küçük, Founder


NHuman is the first psychological health and safety center in Turkey. Our head office is located in Izmir and we also have a branch office in Istanbul. With our expert staff and modern approaches, we provide support to individuals and institutions and carry out international projects with United Nations organizations and Universities.


NHUMAN carries out consultancy and awareness-raising activities in the public and private sectors in order to make "Mental Health Practices in Business Life a part of Occupational Health and Safety and human resources practices" and provides services on issues such as employee support, the impact of psychological factors on occupational accidents, and the assessment of psychosocial risks.