Employee Support System



What are Employee Support Programs:

Employee support programs are support programs implemented to improve the behavior of employees to cope with problems, to increase corporate belonging, functionality and quality of life, to provide more added value to organizations by happy employees, and to improve the psychological, physical and mental health of employees.

What are NHUMAN Employee Support Programs?



Employee Support program is a support program aimed at solving individual problems experienced by employees.



EAP-E (Employee Assistance Program - Emergency) is a program that expedites psychological support for workers who are active in emergency and crisis situations. The program was created to help workers cope with stress, anxiety, trauma or other emotional issues during emergencies. WSP-E offers a fast, effective and direct approach to protecting and improving the psychological well-being of employees.



EAP-A (Employee Assistance Programme - Accident) is a support programme designed to assist organisations and employees after occupational accidents. This programme is designed to help employees and organisations cope with the negative effects of occupational accidents. WSP-A helps employees to maintain their psychological health by providing psychological support to cope with emotions such as stress, anxiety and fear after work accidents.




MAP (Employee Assistance Program) is a support program designed to support managers in the workplace. This program aims to help managers cope with work stress, manage work-life balance and support their psychological well-being. This program also helps organizations achieve their goals by increasing the performance of managers in the workplace.


According to ILO and WHO data (2022);

In the World;

  • 301 million people live with anxiety
  • 280 million people live with depression
  • Among the one billion people with mental disorders as of 2019, 15 percent of working-age adults experienced a mental disorder  

In Turkey;

  • It was found that one in every 9 employees experienced up to 17% performance loss due to individual problems (ERA Research & Consultancy, 2011).
  • 25% of employees take leave due to depression (European Depression Association, 2012).

Consulting Details

The employee support program consists of individual interviews of 45 minutes in a work plan prepared specifically for the institution in order to minimize the psychological factors that will affect the work efficiency of the employee and to support the well-being of the employee. Interviews provide a supportive view on solving employee and organizational problems.


Contact us in order to identify and evaluate the risk factors that will negatively affect the psychological and social health, well-being, commitment, motivation, etc. of the employees, to improve them with a holistic perspective and to create a healthier and more productive working environment.

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