Wellbeing Training



What is Wellbeing:

Well-being generally refers to a state in which an individual's physical, mental and emotional health is in balance. This concept includes a person's overall well-being, quality of life and happiness. Well-being is associated with achieving balance in different areas of one's life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Aim of the Training Program


Awareness is created for employees to be aware of their own abilities, to overcome the stress in their lives, to be productive and useful in business life and to contribute to the environment in line with their abilities.


According to the Future of Human Resources Report (2021);

  • 35.4 percent of employees in Turkey think that their needs for wellbeing practices are not adequately met by their organizations

According to the Gallup Global Sentiment Report (2022);

  • Global worker stress levels are at an all-time high: 44
  • The stress level among employees in Turkey is 66%; that is 2 out of 3.
  • Turkey ranks first in the world with its stress level rate!
  • In response to the question "Did you laugh a lot yesterday?" Turkey is the country with the lowest rate of laughter with 36%.

According to the World Happiness Report (2022);

  • Turkey ranks 112th out of 146 countries in the happiness ranking


Wellbeing Training consists of in-house wellbeing trainings, wellbeing support trainings, activities and wellbeing materials to help local and international organizations become healthier and more sustainable today and for the future. In this context, employee baskets and wellbeing handbooks support employees to increase their self-help skills and achieve work-life balance in line with the needs of the organization, from the start of their employment to the orientation process.

Program Content:
  • Well Being (Definition of Well Being,
  • General Situation in the World)
  • Well Being Well Being and the UN
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Organizational Benefits of Well Being
  • Employee Benefit of Well Being
  • Well being at Work


Contact us to increase employee well-being, productivity and engagement; reduce stress, absenteeism and presenteeism; and create a positive organizational climate by embracing holistic well-being.

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