Wellbeing System Consulting

How to Set Up Wellbeing Systems?

Step 1: PURPOSE: Think about Why You Want the Program

What do you want to address in your workplace? What kind of wellbeing improvement do you hope to achieve? To achieve wellbeing improvement, you first need to identify where your business is lacking in physical and mental health support and what your employees need most. The four key points are to have a clear vision, involve managers, plan the budget well, and determine how you will measure the impact of the program.

Step 2: MEASUREMENT: Measure Your Employees' Psychosocial Risk Factors.

Interview employees to find out what they really need. Make sure there is a range of support available to cover everyone.

Step 3: INTERVIEWS: Talk to Employees

Analyze the risk factors affecting the physical and mental health of your employees. Include existing health and human resource data in the analysis and identify needs.

Step 4: ACTION PLAN: Create an Action Plan

Proper planning ensures that programs are implemented in a time and cost efficient manner and perform as intended in the long term.

Make Sure Your Plan Covers the Following:

  • Which applications will you use and in which ways?
  • Who will be responsible for running the programs?
  • When will the programs start and how often will they take place?
  • How will you monitor and measure the impact of the program?
  • What resources do you need (physical space, expert support, materials, etc.)?
  • What kind of budget do you need? How will you promote the programs?

Step 5: IMPLEMENT: Implement Your Wellbeing Programs

With your action plan ready, you can now confidently implement your chosen programs and run them over time. Start with a simple and controlled program and build it up gradually. This also gives you the space to comfortably address any issues that arise.

Step 6: MONITORING AND EVALUATION: Evaluate and Measure Your Programs

If you want to see long-term benefits, you need to monitor the performance of your programs. An ongoing evaluation allows you to determine whether employees are using and benefiting from the programs. It also helps you determine whether you have planned time and budget correctly.

Consulting Details

Wellbeing Consultancy consists of in-house wellbeing consultancy, wellbeing support trainings, activities and wellbeing materials to help local and international organizations become healthier and more sustainable today and for the future. In this context, employee baskets and wellbeing handbooks support employees to increase their self-help skills and achieve work-life balance in line with the needs of the organization, from the start of their employment to the orientation process.


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