Work and Life Balance Training


What is Work Life Balance:

Work-life balance is the employee's ability to manage both personal and professional responsibilities with sufficient time for rest and leisure (Gartner).

What is Work Life Balance Training?


Work-life balance training is a training program that aims to help employees to be more productive and effective in their business life, as well as to help them lead a happy and balanced life in their personal lives. This training teaches the skills necessary to strike a balance between work and personal life. Work-life balance training covers stress management, time management, focus on work, setting boundaries, balancing family and social life, setting goals, and recognizing personal values.


According to the Randstad Global Report (2021);

  • 65% of job seekers stated that work-life balance is more important than wages and benefits.

According to Forbes Health data (2022);

  • 90% of employees stated that work-life balance is an important issue for their jobs.

According to the FlexJobs Career Pulse Survey (2022);

  • Of the 4,000 people surveyed, 63% said they would prefer work-life balance over better pay.
  • 84% of respondents said that working remotely or in a hybrid system would make them feel happier.


This training aims to provide you with the skills you need to achieve success in business life, as well as to lead a happy and balanced life in your personal life. Besides the concept of work-life balance, you will also cover topics such as organizational productivity, mental health, time management, boundaries, family and social support, goals and values. In this training, you will learn the skills necessary to be more productive and effective in business life, while also discovering strategies to ensure happiness and balance in your personal life. Through case studies and practices, you will gain experience by applying what you have learned in real life. The training can be implemented face-to-face or online.

Program Content:
  • What is Work Life Balance?
  • Corporate Efficiency and Work-Life Balance
  • The Effect of Mental Health on Work-Life Balance
  • Time management
  • Limits
  • Family and Social Support
  • Our Goals and Values
  • Case Study and Practices
  • Evaluation and Closing



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