Psychosocial Risk Counseling


What is Psychosocial Risk Management System:

Psychosocial risk management system is the systematic advancement of planning, activity, control and measures to ensure psychological, health and safety in workplaces.

What is Psychosocial Risk Management Consulting:

Psychosocial risk management consultancy provides managers to identify and systematically manage the risks posed by the psychological and social health conditions of the employees in the workplace with psychosocial risk assessment, to protect the psychological health and well-being of the employees, to improve the workplace culture, to increase the work efficiency and to reduce the stress in the workplace. is the whole of the work that provides support to human resources specialists, occupational health and safety professionals and employees.


According to Champion Health data (2023);

  • 76% of employees reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress
  • 35% said that the stress they experienced affected them negatively
  • 60% feel anxious about their working life
  • He stated that 56% were experiencing symptoms of depression.
  • In addition, conditions that negatively affect mental health were cited as a factor affecting productivity in both personal and business life for approximately 1 in 5 employees.

According to Wrike's data(2019);

  • About 94% of employees reported feeling stress at work
  • One-third of employees said their stress levels were high.

Consulting Details

Psychosocial risk management consultancy, It consists of practices, improvement, control and precautionary activities aimed at supporting the ability of the employee to work and raising awareness in order to ensure psychological health and safety in the workplace. In this way, positive results such as motivation of employees, increase in job satisfaction, satisfaction and creativity are obtained. In addition, problems such as presenteeism and abseentheism caused by psychosocial risks can be prevented. In practice, trainings, consultancy services and supervision processes are recommended according to the results of the analysis specific to the institution.


Contact us in order to identify and evaluate the risk factors that will negatively affect the psychological and social health, well-being, commitment, motivation, etc. of the employees, to improve them with a holistic perspective and to create a healthier and more productive working environment.

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