Psychological health and safety counseling is a counseling activity to eliminate factors that may prevent employees from working productively. The aim is to contribute to the commitment, motivation and well-being of employees and to promote a culture of safety.

Employee Support Systems

Employee Support systems are a consultancy system for the solution of individual problems experienced by employees in their workplaces. It provides a supportive model for one's coping with work-related stress, maintaining work-life balance, and solving work-related problems. Employee support systems include executive support programs (MSP).

Wellbeing System Consulting

Wellbeing practices are product and content development studies prepared specifically for the institution in order to increase the well-being of its employees.

Emergencies And Crisis Counseling

Emergencies and crisis consultancy, how institutions will cope with internal and external crises, work accidents, etc. It covers topics such as effective response and preparation in emergencies, and the creation of correct communication strategies for workplace crisis management.

Psychosocial Risk Management Consultancy

Psychosocial Risks Counseling; It is carried out to measure and understand the impact of work-related stress caused by psychosocial risks on the health, well-being, productivity and performance of employees.


According to the World Health Organization, health; It is not merely the absence of disease, but a state of complete physical, social and psychological well-being.