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Factors Related to Content of Work in Psychosocial Risks

Factors Related to Context of Work in Psychosocial Risks

Psychological Health and Safety
Determining the effects of working conditions and individual factors on well-being at work. Minimizing the risk of work-related factors harming the employee's mental health.
Psychosocial Risk Assessment
Analysis of the social and organizational contexts of the job that have the potential to cause psychological/physical harm in terms of work design and management.
Emergencies and Crisis Counseling
How institutions will cope with internal and external crises, effective response and preparation in emergencies such as work accidents, accurate communication strategies on crisis management in workplaces.
Psychosocial Risk Counseling
Counseling for the solution of individual problems experienced by employees in their workplaces. A supportive model for coping with work-related stress, maintaining work-life balance, and solving work-related problems.
Psychological Health and Safety Solutions