Managing Intergenerational Diversity


Managing Intergenerational Diversity

Today, various generations actively participating in business life have different values. Intergenerational diversity management training; explains the advantages of coexistence of employees belonging to different values and generations, how to create a positive work culture and how to manage intergenerational diversity with cases and solution suggestions.


According to the Global Workforce Analysis Report (2020) the world workforce;

  • 35% generation X,
  • 35% Generation Y,
  • 24% Generation Z
  • It consists of the 6% Baby Boom generation.

According to the Global Talent Trends Report (2022);

  • 89 percent of talent managers state that a diverse workforce works more effectively (From Gen Z To Boomers: Hiring and Retaining Multigenerational Talent).
  • Baby Boomer’lar bir şirkette ortalama bir çalışana kıyasla %18 oranında daha uzun süre kalırken; X kuşağı %22

According to a study by McCrindle Research Firm;

  • Z kuşağının %61’i bir işi kabul etmeden önce kurumun web sitesini incelemektedir.
  • Z kuşağına göre, iş yerindeki en önemli faktör(%72) iyi oluş; ikinci olarak en önemli faktör iş yerinde ilerleme fırsatlarıdır(%63).


This training program is designed to understand the importance of the concepts of diversity, equality and inclusion, to apply these concepts in the workplace and to demonstrate the strategies needed to effectively manage a diverse workforce. The training program will also address the role of the human resources department and how HR can help raise awareness about diversity, equality and inclusion. Throughout the training, it will enable employees to understand these concepts in a concrete way and apply them in the workplace by using application examples, case studies and solution suggestions. As a result, participants will have the skills and knowledge necessary to create a more inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace.

Program Content:

  • Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Why is it Important?
  • HR's Role
  • Managing an Aged Workforce
  • Tactical Actions
  • Cases and Solution Suggestions
  • Evaluation and Closing


To increase the productivity and performance of employees by providing equality and inclusiveness for your employees from different age groups and generations through intergenerational diversity management training in the workplace; Contact us to reduce stress and burnout.

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