Emergencies and Crisis Counseling


What is Emergency and Crisis Counseling:

Emergency and crisis counseling is a psychological support service designed to ensure the emotional and psychological well-being of employees or managers as a result of an emergency or crisis. These situations can include natural disasters, epidemics, terrorist attacks, occupational accidents, violence, suicides and other emergencies. This counseling service is used to help individuals cope with stress by meeting their emotional needs. In addition, by providing psychological support in case of crisis, it helps the institution to return to its normal life. Emergency and crisis counseling is driven by the functioning of the disaster and emergency psychosocial management system (DE-PMS) as a model.

What is Disaster and Emergency Psychosocial Support Management System?


It is a management system developed for workplaces in order to meet the psychosocial needs of employees affected by crisis situations such as natural disasters, disasters, emergencies, terrorist incidents, pandemics and social events.


According to PwC's Global Crisis Survey data (2021);

  • More than 95% of business leaders globally said they need to improve their crisis management capabilities.
  • 65% of CEOs have experienced at least one emergency or crisis in the past three years.

According to JOTW data (2019);

  • Only 45% of businesses have a documented crisis communication plan.

According to McKinsey data (2020);

  • 90% of managers reported that crises affect productivity in their workforce and employee behavior.

Consulting Details

Emergency and crisis situations affect the normal routines and functioning of institutions. In such cases, it is of great importance that institutions provide psychological support to their employees and managers. Emergency and crisis counseling comes into play at this point and supports the emotional and psychological well-being of employees or managers as a result of the institutions encountering an emergency or crisis. This consultancy service covers all processes from pre-crisis preparations to crisis interventions and post-crisis recovery works. In this way, institutions can effectively prevent and manage emergencies and crises with the right preparedness and response strategies.


Contact us in order to identify the risks that negatively affect the ordinary activities of the workplace with the stages of preparation before, during and after the emergency and crisis moments, to ensure the continuity of the business and to manage it with a holistic perspective.

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