World Mental Health Day 2021



World Health Organization declared the theme of World Mental Health Day 2021 as "Mental health care for all: Let's make it a reality".



According to the World Mental Health Federation, The World is increasingly polarized, the number of people living in poverty is still very high. The year 2020 has shown us examples of inequalities based on race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, and disrespect for human rights in many countries, including those with mental health problems. It is a fact that such inequalities affect people's mental health.



The theme chosen for 2021 will highlight the need for access to mental health services, as 75% to 95% of people with mental disorders in low- and middle-income countries have no access to mental health services. The situation is not better in high-income countries. The disproportion in the general health budget and the lack of investment in mental health make it difficult to access mental health services.



Many people with mental disorders do not receive the treatment they deserve and continue to face stigma and discrimination with their families. It is important that these needs are met and that mental health services reach everyone.



The stigma and discrimination experienced by people with mental disorders not only affect their physical and mental health, but also their educational opportunities, current and future earnings and job prospects, and their families and loved ones. We all have a role to play in addressing this situation and ensuring that people with mental health experiences are fully integrated into all aspects of life.




The COVID-19 pandemic has made the importance of mental health services even more visible, and countries are not fully prepared for this period. The pandemic has affected people of all ages in terms of health, economy, and social life. It has left employees in a difficult situation with job losses and ongoing job insecurity. To combat the negative consequences of these difficulties on people, the importance of everyone's access to mental health services has come to the fore. At the 2021 World Health Assembly, decisions were made to improve mental health, develop psychological well-being and establish comprehensive psychosocial support systems.



World Mental Health Day 2021 will allow us to focus on the issues that perpetuate inequality in access to mental health care locally and globally and focus on what we can do for accessibility to mental health care. We support every worker's right to equal access to psychological services, especially vulnerable working groups who are more exposed to inequality.



We would like to learn from the employees about the policies and services that can improve access to Mental Health Services with the “You Tell” campaign.

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